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About Us

Tom Luncford

Coach Tom has had a lifelong involvement with tennis. Through 1973 to 1979, he earned high rankings in the state of Michigan for singles, doubles, and mixed doubles play. During this time, he began his teaching career and lead many tennis programs through racquet clubs and city programs, each with an emphasis on improving skills and proficiency. In 1980, he came to Southern California where he continued to lead tennis programs, including leadership and coaching of PENN and OCTA Junior Tennis Leagues. In 1993, Coach Tom signed on to coach for the City of Oceanside at the Rancho Del Oro Park, where he continues to offer classes for players of all ages and abilities to this day.

Justin Sahagun

Assistant Coach Justin has been a long time student of Tom Luncford for almost 20 years. Previously a ranked player in southern California and played number one doubles for Vista High School, Justin wishes to pass knowledge and skill to the next generation of players. As a long time student and apprentice of Tom Luncford, Justin is equipped to teach a large range of skill to the next player base.

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